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The major inspiration for this artwork is escapism. Both Fernanda and Shlomit are mothers to young children. After the October 7th, although they took different paths, their escapism was finding a safe space for their families. Fernanda and Shlomit are also professional pattern makers and graphic designers, which is reflected in the many patterns and designs in the room.In the search for safety, the home is a strong impulse.


Fernanda is an olah from São Paulo, Brazil, and this piece incorporates many symbols and patterns from Brazilian popular culture. The black and green pattern is inspired by Native motifs, as are the waves on the floor, which are inspired by the famous Copacabana sidewalks. In the background outside her window, you can see some famous buildings from the São Paulo skyline mix with the other places she has been on this journey. The typography used on the suitcase stickers is inspired by local crafts, blending urban elements. 


On the main window, there are two moons inspired by the novel "1Q84," symbolizing a parallel universe in Haruki Murakami's book, where characters experience an alternate reality. This parallel reality is reinforced by the pink sky and surreal elements, creating a psychedelic natural environment. Mix with other elements like the toucan which was seen by Fernanda flying in the sky on her trip to Brazil.


On the closet, you can see all that Shlomit has set aside parties, the beach — all to keep her kids safe. On her wall, fireworks represent the rockets fired during the period in Israel.The symbols around the main window represent a common ground between the two artists where they are mutually important.

  1. Brazilian Symbolism: Copacabana Sidewalks and Brazilian Native Patterns 

  2. Ethiopian Symbolism with Orange Motifs & Printed Patterns.

  3. The Ray of Light - where dystopic reality and the “Dopadream” meet.

  4. The Hidden Beach Inside the Closet / The

  5. Nova Party that Shlomit Almost Attended. The Journey through

  6. England, Greece, and Brazil.

  7. The Two Moons of the Parallel Reality (IQ84).

  8. The Mini Suitcase for a Family of Four.

  9. Fireworks or Missiles?

  10. The Kids' Room.

  11. The Pink Sky.

  12. Feminist Symbol.

  13. The Eye.

  14.  Psychedelic '70s References

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